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Pasture-Raised, non-GMO Pork
Putting the flavour back in pork, Stone Horse Farm has raised pastured pigs for the past seven years, and has been building their own breeding program for the past four.

This program is based on British Berkshire pigs, as favoured by the Royal Family for the quality of meat. These are further enhanced with outcrosses to Large Blacks and Herefords. The result are pigs that thrive on the acres of pasture and bush at Stone Horse Farm, and naturally graze and root for a varied diet.

The finished pork has a clean, fresh flavour, and is nutrient dense with a firm yet tender bite. This meat needs only salt and pepper to bring out the flavour, but it also works well for marinated entrees. The bacon and ham are hickory smoked.

With an approx. 45-pound quarter pig, you can expect 33 finished pounds, including 3-4 packages of bacon, 8 chops, 1 4-lb ham roast, 1 4-lb Boston Butt roast, 1 4-lb picnic roast, 3 pounds ground, and side or back ribs.

Price is based on the finished weight cut and wrapped per pound. A Quarter Pastured Pig will be approx. $300.00 depending on actual weight.

Available end of June, Mid August, Sept, October. Reservations due two weeks prior to delivery. Limited availability, sooner is better.