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These delicious fermented spreadable cashew cheese's can be used in so many different applications!

Dollop on top of sweet potato
Stir into quinoa or rice
Add to pasta, soup, stew and bean dishes for a punch of extra flavour.
As a sandwich spread

Gluten-free, Vegan

Paleo friendly!


Ingredient list varies based on flavour but the base is: Cashews (tree-nut), apple cider vinegar, sea salt, bacterial culture, may contain citric acid.

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Jalapeno & Lemon$9.65 each
1/2 case (4xJalapeno & Lemon)$35.83
Nacho Cheese$9.65 each
1/2 case (4xNacho Cheese)$35.83
Dill & Truffle$9.65 each
1/2 case (4xDill & Truffle)$35.83
Garlic Tzatziki$9.65 each
1/2 case (4xGarlic Tzatziki)$35.83
Spinach & Artichoke$9.65 each
1/2 case (4xSpinach & Artichoke)$35.83
Chive & Garlic$9.65 each
1/2 case (4xChive & Garlic)$35.83