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Members come together at Hill Top Acres, just north of Alliston, each Wednesday between 3:00pm-7:00 pm to access fresh local and fair-trade organic produce, grass-fed and pastured seasonal meats from 4M-Farms (www.4mfarms.ca) and our own Hill Top Acres Bakery items.

We make fresh 100% naturally gluten-free sourdough bread and buns weekly. Members pre-order bakery items but we also have extra's goodies* each week than can be added to your order.

*Due to COVID-19 we are only doing pre-ordered bakery items and are limited to what we offer each week. While we do not have minimums, each pick-up you must select a time slot to reduce crowds. You will see link for selecting a time slot on your order page (Weekly Standing Orders can create a set time that carries over week to week)

As a community-focused co-op, we do not offer delivery.

*GF=gluten-free (unless an item is under the bulk-gluten products, all other items we sell are gluten-free but please click on products and read ingredient lists and certifications carefully. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concern on an item)
*D=Dairy free
*L=Lactose free
*V=Vegan (egg & dairy-free however we do use natural honey is some of our baking)
*RM=Raw Milk