Classes & Events - Gluten Free Sourdough Breads (class is now full)

Going Gluten Free!
Celiac, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, IBS, Skin problems like DH or psoriasis, auto immune disease or just wanting to learn about other whole grains, seeds, legumes. pulses and nuts as an alternative to a gluten based diet? At Hill Top, we want to help! These gluten free traditional foods classes will focus on sourdough, sprouting, soaking and brining techniques to create foods that are packed full of nutrients and easy on the digestion.

In this class, Gluten Free Sourdough Breads, you will learn how to:

Make and maintain a gluten free sourdough starter
Create beautiful artisan bread, bagels, pizza and english muffins without gums, bakers yeast, dairy or eggs
We will make a lovely Indonesian sourdough flat bread, called Injera that requires only minutes to mix up.
Will go over how to add sprouted grains and seeds to your master bread recipe.

Class includes a gluten free lunch and take home items from class.

Class size is limited.

Hill Top Members, $150.00 Non-Hill Top Member $175.00. To register email