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Canadian owned company. Organic, Fair-Trade chocolate made in Switzerland.

Gluten free
Made w/ coconut palm sugar making this a much lower GI chocolate

A gourmet chocolate that is delicious, ethical with natural healthy ingredients to meet our needs. In other words, what the planet really needed was organic, fair-trade chocolate with superfood ingredients...and this is what Zazubean chocolate is!


See for ingredients list for all chocolate


1/4 case (3xKiki-65% Fig & Sea Salt)$13.08
1/4 case (3xSassy, Pomegranate & Hazelnut 55%)$13.08
1/4 case (3xSaltry, Sea Salt & Almonds)$13.08
1/4 case (3xFlirt, Raspberry & Cherry)$13.08
1/4 case (3xLunatic, Mint-Cocoa Nibs)$13.08
1/4 case (3xSmooch, Vanilla Caramel Crunch (46% Milk))$13.08