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I like a little something sweet with my savoury, so this relish is perfect.

Servings: 0
Prep Time: 20 minutes


1/2 tsp Veggie Starter Culture (I use Caldwell Culture Starter)
3 cups cucumbers diced (remove large seeds as they go slimy when fermented)
1/2 cup onion diced
1/2 cup honey or maple syrup
1/2 red, yellow or orange bell pepper diced
1 1/2 tsp Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt
1 tbsp whole celery seeds
2 tsp mustard seed
1 tsp turmeric

1-L mason jar
1-Tattler fermenter lid or BPA free plastic lid*


If you are not using a starter, increase the salt to 20g (aprox 1-tbsp but you really do need to weigh to make sure the salinity is correct).

Place 1⁄2 cup of filtered water in a glass measuring cup, add the culture, and stir until dissolved. Let the mixture sit while you prepare the vegetables (anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes).

In large bowl, mix cucumbers, peppers, onion. Add salt, celery seeds, mustard seed and turmeric and toss well.

Pour in the culture starer with the water, add honey or maple syrup. Mix well.

Using a spoon, scoop the mixture into a one litter, wide-mouthed mason jar, pressing down lightly with a pounder or meat hammer.

Depending on how much natural brine the mixture makes you may need to add more filtered water. If using a fermenting vessel, the liquid can just cover the top.

Add your fermenting lid with water air-lock (*If you are using a regular lid, you need to cover you mixture by a full inch of brine above the mixture)

Cover tightly and keep at room temperature for about three days before transferring to the refrigerator.

These will last at least a year in your fridge.

Adapted from Culture Food Life

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