Hill Top Acres is a Membership based Wholefoods, Gluten-Free focused food co-op, located just north of Alliston Ontario. We started our food co-op in the Fall of 2009 with a handful of families and have grown ever since in size and products.

We seek out local organic farms, ethical suppliers who deal in fair trade imports and bulk wholesalers to bring our members quality foods at an affordable price, without all the running around.

Moving towards organic and sustainably grown food has been a journey for me and my family. We have learned a lot over the last decade as we have transitioned to clean living and worked through our own health issues, including severe gluten intolerance. Our passion for ethically delicious food, that is also healing and nourishing to our bodies has become our way of life. All produce at Hill Top is Certified Organic unless otherwise stated.

Many of the health issues North Americans face, can be traced back to our farming practices, Genetically Modified foods, chemical-laced household cleaners and cosmetics, pesticides in our yards and farmers fields and our obsession with processed foods.

What I once looked at as a mere trend for the 'radical', I have now come to value, appreciate and endorse. Understanding the dangers of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides as well as the ever-encroaching Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) will equip you and your family to make wise choices.

Organic and ethically grown and raised food IS more expensive than conventionally farmed foods. You are paying for healthier, better tasting and SAFER food. At Hill Top Acres we choose to opt out of society's crazy experiments with pesticides, GMO's and hormone implants...You Are Welcome To Join Us!

Kind Regards,
Marcy Jackson
Hill Top Acres

At Hill Top Acres we work with several local farms to bring you the best quality products at an affordable price.