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Hill Top Acres is a community, membership-based food co-op which comes together once a week at Hill Top Acres, homestead.

We love our community and our business model reflects this interactive approach. As there are many excellent produce delivery companies out there, we have consciously chosen to remain in direct contact with our member's. We do not offer delivery and are only open Wednesday's 3:00-7:00 pm.

To sign up send a registration email to Please include the following information in the registration email:

Full Name
Phone number
Email address
Referral or how you heard about us.

The membership fee is only $25.00 for a full year starting the month you register.

Membership fee must be paid before you can become a member. You may send the $25.00 membership fee via email transfer or come out on a co-op day and pay by cash or debit. We do not take credit cards or personal cheques.

Once we process the membership, we will send out a welcome email with the address, directions and order details. Because we are a membership based co-op, we are not open to the general public.