About - How It Works

Hill Top Acres is a community, membership-based food co-op and bakery which comes together bi-weekly on Wednesday's at Hill Top Acres.

We love our community and our business model reflects this interactive approach. As there are many excellent produce delivery companies out there, we have consciously chosen to remain in direct contact with our member's. We do not offer delivery and are only open Bi-Weekly on Wednesday's 3:00-7:00 pm.

To get started, email us with your name/email and we will get you signed up in our website as a member of Hill Top Acres Local Organic Food Co-op.

A one time Membership is $25.00 and payable with your first order.

Once a registered member of Hill Top Acres, we will send out a welcome email with the address, directions and ordering details. Because we are a membership based co-op, we are not open to the general public. We are just north of Sir Fredrick Banting Road in Alliston, Ontario for reference.

All orders are placed on-line by members for that week's pickup or you may create a standing order so items are automatically ordered for you.

Produce orders are packed for members, but other items are collected by members when you arrive by using your packing slip that we make available each week. You do not need to print off your own copy.

We have no minimum order requirements at Hill Top unless you choose the CSA option. Come every Co-op week or as often as it suits you.

Open: Wednesday 3:00pm-7:00 pm.
Orders may be changed until Monday 9:00 am for that week's pick-up unless specified.

An email will be sent out letting you know when the new produce list is available, usually by Friday afternoon.
Produce Baskets receive a 10% discount over loose produce and have priority on packing day. Which means if we run into shorts, the baskets get filled before loose produce orders.
You may customize your produce basket as much as you like within that value for a small $2.00 fee.

Each week we place any extra produce out in the produce room, which can be added at check out.

Green Grocery Bins are required for add-on. These can be found at Zehrs grocery stores or bought re-purposed through Hill Top for $5.00. If you have ordered a produce basket and do not have a green bin at Hill Top Acres with your name on it for produce day you will be charged a $5.00 "Incentive Fee"...Smile Folks, and get us those green bins! It wastes a lot of our packers time searching for missing bins.

Bins must be clearly marked with your first initial and last name before dropping off at Hill Top Acres. You may leave your bins outside the Co-op doors during off-hours.