Products - New Products - Bioitalia, Organic Pasta Sauce (Glass Jars) *GF

The fresh tomatoes used to prepare these sauces come from certified organic farm chain. Only the finest ingredients are used, no flavor enhancers, no artificial flavors.

Organic, using local traceable farms
Gluten Free


Neopalitan: chopped tomatoes*(95,4%), extra virgin olive oil*, sea salt, onion*(0,26%), garlic*(0,1%), basil*(0,1%), oregano* (0,1%).

Vegetarian Bolognese: chopped tomatoes*(91,5%), extra virgin olive oil*, onions*(1,5%), carrots*(1,3%), sea salt, celery*(1%)

Arrabbiata: chopped tomatoes*(95%), extra Virgin olive oil*, sea salt*, garlic* (0,1%), chilli peppers*(0,1%).


Basil: Chopped tomatoes (93,4%), extra virgin olive oil, basil (2%), sea salt, garlic.


case (12xNeopalitan)$58.32
1/2 case (6xNeopalitan)$31.59
case (12xBolognese )$58.32
1/2 case (6xBolognese )$31.59
case (12xBasil)$58.32
1/2 case (6xBasil)$31.59
case (12xArrabbiata (Chili))$58.32
1/2 case (6xArrabbiata (Chili))$31.59