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Best Gluten Free Burgers

Hidden gluten is often a problem in store bought burgers

Celery Root Crumble *GF

Excellent as a vegetarian main, or delicious side

Cooking a Pasture Raised Turkey w/pan gravy *GF *D

Cooking a delicious pasture raised turkey is simple, if you follow a few key steps.

Easy Lentil Curry Stew *GF *V

Simple, wholesome...and crazy fast if you use the pressure cooker :)

Honey-glazed Lamb Chops with Fresh Fig Salsa

This recipe can be made the morning of, or the night before.

Pressure Cooker Beef Shank Soup *GF *D

Hearty and meaty, this shank soup makes a great winter meal.

We have our beef shank cut into thick steaks with the shank bone in-tact which makes it easier for cooking up quick.